Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thinking on Spring

The beauty of internet, and specially Etsy I have to say that is find incredible people, I meet Chris time ago and she has been and incredible friend in a distance; today Chris and I we prepared a tutorial to make this adorable Wreath, she use great and strong colors thinking on Spring it looks adorable isn't?!!

If you want to purchase this adorable Wreath visit my friend's Etsy Shop.


We hope you enjoy it and try your self.

What you will need:

8” foam wreath
Lace in your choice of color from Kutz
Variety of colors and sizes of flowers from Kutz
Pins with flat heads
Assorted colors of pins for center of flowers
Gems and jewels
Thread and sewing needle
Glue and brush
Thimble for pushing in pins

Place a piece of lace against the wreath and insert a flat head pin to secure. Overlap the lace as you are covering the wreath and attach a pin at least once every round and at the beginning and end of each round. When starting a new piece of lace make sure that it either overlaps or is against the piece you just ended with. Continue until the wreath is almost covered. To make the lace look consistent pull back the first round (see picture) and wrap the last piece of lace around the wreath and under the first round of lace. This way it will you will not be able to tell where you started and ended.

Assemble a variety of colors and shapes of flowers that you like. I sewed buttons to some of them for a different look. You can also glue gems and jewels. When you have the flowers that you are happy with you can start attaching them to the wreath. I would recommend that you glue the flowers that have the buttons and gems to the wreath first. Fill in the spaces with the flowers that you will be using the decorative pins to attach.


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Fantastic!! What a fabby blog! I am your latest follower!!

RosaMaría said...

wow!! qué linda corona y que buen tutorial!!

Hazel said...

I have just put in my order for the lace on felt with Cyn... I cannot wait until it's processed and I can give a go at this! Just beautiful and so easy lookin too!

Armygurumi said...

Que bueno!
Me encantaría publicar el tutorial en mi blog, traducido al español. Por supuesto citando autoría y linkando tu blog.
Qué te parece?

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