Thursday, June 14, 2012

About me

My name is Cintia but must of my friends call me Cyn, I'm started to develop my creativity in Italy I took classes of a little bit of everything, one day I found a little shop where I become addicted of it, because they use to have everything I need to sew, then I learn quilt, patchwork, some of crochet and knitting.
One day I learn how to make handbags, using different materials, and finally I created my first blog you can read about that here my experience blogging was amazing because it was the best way to communicate and share my creations with the world. (Even though my first language is not English)
People use to love my bags and they were very curious about my applique, that's why I create Kutz my little shop is a B2B for many creators, I help people to do the most difficult part of craft "cutting" yes!! I can cut almost everything in the most difficult forms.

I love to travel and I would like to share my founds from every single place that I go, fallow me and we can discover many beautiful things together.

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