Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Dear friends

Finally I have something to share!!!!! I had been working on this project just on my weekends. Because I'm working in my photography and in new designs for Kutz
Pinterest has been such a great inspiration.

And today I have my own group of gift boxes Kutz Style.

Can you tell me wish one is your favorite?? I will be happy to hear your opinion !!

You also can see details about this collection on my Instagram let's connect.


ashley said...

These are beautiful! Great job :)

Cintia Soto said...

Thank you Ashley you are very kind :)

Arturo Cole said...

The ones that I like the most are the one with birdies on them! My second (or fourth for that matter) is the one with the reindeer... But they all are really unique and very creative!

Cintia Soto said...

Thank you Arturo, I love them all. Every day I was with a different idea for each of them I had so much fun.

Kup,Kup Land said...

Fántastico trabajo Cintia! Me encantan los detalles y la fotografía!
Un abrazo!!

Cintia Soto said...

Muchas gracias querida Joaquima, un abrazo.

Raffy said...

Ciao Cinzia,sono Raffaella,ci siamo conosciute in fiera a Bergamo. Abbiamo lavorato insieme nello stand delle bibi.
complimenti per il blog.
un bacio.